Welcome to The Power Closet! When I first launched TPC it started out as an outlet at a very confusing time in my career. Initially, my vision was focused on fashion in the workplace and conversations about the corporate world. However, as time progressed I realised there was so much more to unpack. Thereafter, my vision for TPC shifted and now I see this platform as a space for perspectives.


TPC aims to have conversations about faith, friendship, and work, whilst serving looks (yes, I love fashion). 


Perspectives are how we see things or what we believe and these can evolve by opening up,  and having honest and vulnerable conversations with ourselves and others. Such conversations serve as a method to help us come into a higher understanding of ourselves, and over time we can evolve into who we are truly called to be.

Wrong thinking patterns builds prisons in a person's mind.

In Scripture, I love the verse which says: 


"When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; He bought me to a spacious place." 

Psalms 118:5 NIV


Fresh perspective from God (particularly through His Word) truly sets us free. A faulty thinking pattern can hamper someone's ability to become who they're truly destined to be. So let's avoid that and have those important conversations. I hope going through the content on this platforms inspires you!