Call on Him!

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9th April

Whilst in God’s waiting room I have found that oftentimes there are quiet moments. During those moments that’s where fear comes in. The spirit of fear becomes particularly prominent. It’s like I imagine a lady sitting down [in my mind of course] filing her nails and saying “girl! He ain’t coming. You’re toast!” And she smiles in an evil way to reinforce that I’m truly on my own and I’m in trouble. If you feel that way sometimes, you are not alone.

But now I believe that’s not true. Why? God doesn’t abandon His people. You don’t call on Him [call on His Holy name] for help and he abandons you. That doesn’t happen – ever. Like never ever.

There are 2 places I’ve observed this which has stuck: Numbers 14 and Ezekiel 36.

Both talk about the story of the Israelites. In Numbers it’s almost like Moses challenges God. He tells Him that if you kill your people, people we say it was because you couldn’t save them. God hears this, has mercy on them [not because they deserve it] but for His Holy name he continues to take care of the people. He comes through and shepherds them into the promised land.

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In Ezekiel, God speaks to the prophet and tells him that He will reunite Israel [a promise]. He also says He’s aware that they brought shame to His name and He will save them and make them more prosperous than before. He said so NOT because they deserved it but because they were known as His chosen people so He will bestow mercy upon them and save them even though they truly don’t deserve it. He then gives Ezekiel the famous vision of dry bones i.e. the vision which states dry bones will rise again. This refers to the lost hope and the restoration of Israel.

So with this, I know that I can confidently call on His name. I believe that though a person may not deserve it, they can call on His name. Call it. Over and over. And say, your Holy name is on the line 😂 There were times when I would doubt and be like “I wonder what God is doing” and the spirit of God will direct me to these passages. God is not a man that He should lie. He says, and He does. He is not a God of abandonment. If you truly are a believer in Christ and you’ve blown this trumpet and are experiencing storms, remember that He actually cannot leave you. So say to the lady who’s filing her nails “shut up. He’s coming. He’s not bringing healing, he’s not bringing something simple. He’s bringing my restoration.” In Ezekiel, God said Himself I will make you more prosperous than before. Wow. Just wow.

I’m excited. Aren’t you?

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